Honda CR-V 2021 White

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Honda CR-V 2021 White
Honda CR-V 2021 White
Honda CR-V 2021 White Caravan

Engine: V6 engine

Ferrari GP2 LMP2 4-cylinder V6/5.8 – 12,000rpm

Fuel: 2200CZ

Cargo capacity: 29,000 cubic yards

3.5 liters of turbocharged engines are required for this class of vehicle

Maximum turbocharging capacity is 27,150 cubic yards with a maximum output of 36,700 cc.

The V6 V6L is available to compete in the new Italian VF1 class (F1) and Italian Rallycross (RUS) class (M4). The CSA also has a limited-range V6 with the V6R (RUS) and 2,000 cc engine and is offered for both F1 and M4 chassis.

If requested, then the V6 can be used, as shown by the engine pictures, in any F1 or Rallycross class and has a total output of 24,700 cc. The V6L was available to the Italian Super Troopers in the new V9 L1 class (SP). Each car could have its own set of V6-powered turbos but only the original models (of which only the S1000 and V6L were available) had V6s.

The CSA has a limited-range 2,000 cc

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